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Creating a compelling business case for power protection and remote management, with Cad&Lan

Episode Summary

The pandemic has highlighted the fundamental role that mission-critical digital infrastructure plays in the business world, enabling organizations to maintain operational continuity, while guaranteeing security and uptime. But with a growing remote workforce and many businesses accelerating their digital transformation strategies, managing greater volumes of IT at the edge is fast becoming a major pain point for customers. But the channel has seen a growing trend of expert partners stepping in to bridge the skills gap and offer end-users support via remote management and on-site servicing. The Uptime Institute’s 10th annual data center survey found that outages are occurring with disturbing frequency and are becoming more damaging and expensive. One third of survey participants admitted to experiencing a major outage in the last 12 months, and one in six claimed it had cost them more than $1m (+€850K). What’s interesting is that 75% of respondents said that their most recent incident could have been prevented with better management, training and improved processes, creating a compelling business case for power protection and remote management. In episode four of our IT Channel Perspectives podcast series, Angel Castaño, Director Técnico Eficiencia Energética, Cad&Lan Spain and Ana Carolina Cardoso Guilhen, Channel Director Iberia, Schneider Electric, discuss some of the steps that companies are taking to help prevent downtime from power and IT outages, the transition to remote management and how new digital service models are driving revenue and adding considerable value to customers. Key discussion points and takeaways from this podcast include: -How Cad&Lan has been supporting its customers during the last year -New developments driving remote monitoring, and how organizations are utilizing these management tools to gain a competitive advantage -Steps that companies are taking to help prevent downtime from power and IT outages -How to enable customers to generate new recurring revenue from digital services. Plus further insights from Cad&Lan:

Episode Notes

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